9 Tips Home Interior Design

To get the home interior design feels spacious, you do not need to laboriously change or renovate the entire room. just do a couple of steps so psychologically room of the house does not feel full or crowded.

Below we will present Home Interior Design Tips that you can do:
  1. Leave the furniture that gives the impression of a "full", choose furniture that is "slim" and light.
  2. Better to use a chair / sofa with slender legs than the chair / couch that entire body flat on the floor.
  3. Use light colors on the entire surface be it floor, wall or ceiling. Do not use too many colors, because it can make the room feel full.
  4. Attach a large mirror in one room because the mirror can "add" area of ​​the room to be 2-fold.
  5. Give lots of windows and wide. with the windows could "steal" courtyard, making the room feel more spacious.
  6. Use a low shelf or closet.
  7. Do not use too many decorations or accessories.
  8. Display cabinets should not be used, can be changed using the hanging shelves.
  9. Choose furniture of the same color with the color of the walls that seemed fused into the walls of the room and the room feel more spacious.

Example Image for Home Interior Design

Thus 9 Tips Home Interior Design Feel Spacious Rooms may be useful for you and look forward to the next tips


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