Create a Park on the Roof

Garden on the roof not only decorate the office, mall, to the cafe. Garden on the roof is more and more demand. This time trend, a roof garden at the residence.

If you want to show the function and aesthetics of the roof garden, on the advice of planning done before the construction of houses. This relates to the structure, to power the building roof.

If the roof garden greenery just kind of grass or shrubs, at any time can be directly made. "But, if trunked tree species planted should first consult with the architect. Usually there is the addition of the iron frame of bone.

Requirement to make a garden on the roof is not too difficult. Minimal extent of 4x4 square meters. The condition of a flat or sloping roof is not a problem. Land roof garden to be created there was no standards. Likewise, the space beneath the park, free.

However, one thing is not negotiable. The structure should not be leaked. Tests should be performed to determine the condition of the roof really does not leak or drip.

Easy way to test it. Flush on the roof until the water is stagnant. Allow two or three days. When at the bottom there is no infiltration, meaning the roof safe. Can continue making a roof garden. But, if it appears seepage, suggests improving conditions for the roof first.

selecting plants to be planted on the roof would need to be calculated. Calculate the characters of plants and planting spot is one thing. Consequences of treatment plants are the next consideration.

The selected plants are diligent but slow growth of flowering stems. The species is advantageous because it does not require frequent pruning.

The arrangement of plants needed for the beauty of the garden on the roof is more prominent. If the land is limited to the combination of the grouping of plants. Select combinations of several types of ground cover plants. The goal is to create the impression of many types of plants. Furthermore, just add plant shrubs in certain areas. The presence of these shrubs 'important', so that there are gradations of altitude on the set of bushes earlier.

Design the park, playing with a circular pattern so that the roof gardens seem more spacious. For more interestingly, the pattern is made contoured ground level. But the patterns are not clear contoured. Especially when it is a lot of arch patterns on the arrangement of shrubs. Another garden design with a straight pattern. The soil surface can be left flat, not contoured.

If a larger park area, any exploration of the park could be further. But, just a reminder does not need a lot of color combinations of plants. If most lively color impression, but it gives the impression that the park is more narrow or congested. A maximum of three kinds of color, there are only added a few shrubs to give the impression of broad and shady.

From his experience making a roof garden over the years, easily the spread of disease between plants. Therefore, at least twice a year to do the spraying in order to avoid the plants from pests and diseases.

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